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Edwin, the real delivery boy for the IRA

Whatever his deficiencies, Edwin Poots does irony very well, though unwittingly.

In his letter (Write Back, March 22) he accused TUV — the one party opposed to terrorists in government — of aiding Sinn Fein’s agenda. You’d think Edwin would know more about his own specialist subject.

Before he talks about delivery of the Sinn Fein agenda maybe he should look at exactly who he put in government and whose agenda of getting policing and justice into their terrorist-inclusive Executive his vote helped deliver?

Remember precisely what the Sinn Fein agenda said: “Our strategy is for a new all-Ireland policing and justice system. That cannot be achieved without the transfer of policing and justice powers away from London, into an Executive and Assembly and the all-Ireland institutions.”

It is the DUP alone within unionism which delivered what Sinn Fein demanded on policing and justice: transfer into their terrorist-inclusive Executive.

Yes, Edwin, you and your push-over ilk are the real delivery boys for IRA/Sinn Fein.

Without you they wouldn’t be in government. You are surely in line for the special Gerry Adams accolade, “Well done, Edwin.”

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