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Eirigi still has many questions to answer

I was pleased to see the statement from Brian Leeson, the secretary of Eirigi, one of the number of republican 'dissident' groups which came into existence following the perceived failure of the last incarnation of the IRA (January 2).

I would suspect that most of the people throughout the island of Ireland who overwhelmingly supported the current power-sharing arrangement in Northern Ireland would like to know how a group of people can morally justify, in democratic terms, the waging of 'uncompromising active resistance' - which I take to mean armed struggle - against the wishes of the people.

I would suspect Mr Leeson's validation is founded on the idea that the Sinn Fein electoral victory of 1918 is politically inviolable

Unfortunately for that convoluted logic, Sinn Fein then was promoting the notion that 'it is the first duty of the Irish nation to support its home manufacturers and producers', effectively, its fledgling native bourgeoisie. Hardly consistent with Eirigi's idea of '32-county democratic socialist republic' - but that, too, is a contradiction in terms.

Perhaps if we try we can learn from one another, but even strawberries and cream is repellent if forced down our throats.