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Elderly must use their vote

The number of elderly people in Northern Ireland is a tiny fraction of the 11,000,000 'grey' voters in the UK.

Nevertheless 200,000+ people can make an impact when elections come round, as they will within the next year.

Rather than 'tribal' voting, the elderly must grasp the opportunity to challenge their representatives about where they stand on issues such as free bus passes for the elderly.

Will they seek parity of pensions with our South of Ireland neighbours? What measures will they implement to protect elderly people from abuse in their homes and in nursing homes? How will they protect elderly people's savings and will they abolish nursing home fees?

Will they increase winter fuel allowance, carers' allowances and continue to provide free prescriptions, spectacles and dental care?

Elections should be fought on such issues. We already have a Green party, perhaps it is time to introduce a Grey party.


Seaforde, Co Down


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