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Election candidates who support legalisation of abortion in NI should be barred from government

letter of the day: protecting unborn

Fionola Meredith (Comment, February 10) completely ignores the fact that abortion is the murder of an unborn baby, who from the moment of conception is a new human being, worthy of protection.

She refuses to call this tiny, defenceless person a baby, hoping to dehumanise him/her with the Latin word "foetus", which means "little one".

Further, she insinuates that expectant mothers are in danger in Ireland, because we do not have legal and free abortion here. This is factually untrue and a scare tactic on her behalf.

It is also disrespectful of all the good and hardworking medical staff working in gynae wards in our hospitals; UNICEF and WHO annually place Ireland either top, or near-top, of league tables measuring maternal safety and excellence of care.

England and America, which allow abortion on demand, have much poorer records, with women frequently seriously ill, or dead, from botched abortions.

In Britain, abortion is not free, as the taxpayer funds it; with 550 abortion operations daily, this is an enormous drain on NHS resources, with organisations such as Marie Stopes and the BPAS benefiting financially.

When candidates come to our doors and admit that they will vote to legalise abortion in Northern Ireland, this should immediately disqualify them from our government, as neither they, Fionola, or myself, have the right to debate who lives, or who dies.

This is the height of arrogance, as life is above the law and all laws are there to serve it.


Rasharkin, Co Antrim

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