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Election is a chance to unseat DUP and Tories

How can the DUP and their fellow Tories seriously claim that the north is bound by Brexit as it is "UK-wide", but not by same-sex marriage, which is recognised in Britain?

Of course, the obvious answer is that special arrangements with the EU have been agreed with over 30 (mostly ex-colonial) territories all over the world, from North and South America, to the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. And, of course, partitioned countries, like Cyprus, already have special status with the EU.

In the light of such backward hypocrisy, it is unfortunate that there has been no agreement on a progressive anti-Tory Brexit pact for the Westminster election.

In the crude British electoral system, it is essential to overcome traditional tribalisms and vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the undemocratic imposition of a Conservative/DUP hard Right-wing Brexit, where vital public services will be severely cut as a consequence of a tax-dodging race to the bottom.

The last election here showed how progressive people coming out to vote tactically can massively transform the political landscape. Let's do it again.



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