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Election posters are a blot on our landscape

IT'S election time and, once again, I am becoming increasingly annoyed, frustrated and exasperated by the presence of election posters adorning lamp-posts on our roads and pavements.

Posters have been removed along the Giro d'Italia route. Why not remove them everywhere else, too? They are a complete waste of taxpayers' money. They are a totally unnecessary blot on the beautiful spring landscape. They are akin to vandalism; they also constitute, in many instances, a driving hazard. They are not cheap to produce.

Just think of all the trees that could be saved? Who – apart from the politicians displayed – actually wants to see them?

Just how many times do I need to see these people's faces smiling at me? (Smiling, because their pockets are full of taxpayers' money, no doubt.)

Silly posters of people parading in their fine Savile Row or Armani suits and best dresses don't influence me in any way about who I will vote for. I suspect this is true for most other people.

I see the putting up of posters, like flag-flying in general, as another divisive way of marking out territory. There even seems to be some idiotic competition going on about which party has the most posters and whose are higher up the lamp-post.

I would love to pull them all down, but I would probably get myself into trouble, wouldn't I? Does anyone know what the law says on political posters?



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