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Election to give opportunity for new leadership

Andrew McKeever's claim (Write Back, November 12) that Lady Sylvia Hermon was not consulted about the link-up between the Ulster Unionist Party and the Conservative Party requires some clarification.

I cannot speak for the UUP, but I am led to believe she met with David Cameron personally twice to discuss the link-up before it was finalised and announced. Her concerns were taken into account.

I would, however, thank Mr McKeever for pointing out once again to readers that Lady Sylvia leans towards the Labour Party.

In fact, Lady Sylvia Hermon is no less than the Labour Government's apologist and representative in North Down.

I have no doubt that the people of North Down, many of whom are suffering from negative equity thanks to the Labour Party's disastrous handling of the economy, will relish the opportunity to pass judgment on this failed government come the general election.

Come that election, everyone in Northern Ireland will have the chance to vote for change - to vote for a new Conservative and Unionist government.

In North Down, uniquely, they will also have the opportunity, should they wish to take it, to vote for five more years of Gordon Brown by backing Lady Sylvia Hermon.


North Down


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