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Election's just another sectarian headcount



Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

It is just over two weeks to the General Election on June 8, and we in deepest Strangford have not, as yet, seen or heard of an election candidate, canvasser, flyer or poster.

In contrast, my brother, a senior fellow at New College, Oxford, has been continually plagued by them for the last month.

Not that canvassers, election flyers and posters would sway my vote; my Doberman Lohengrin would probably see them all off anyhow.

However, the rather passive election campaign here has me quite puzzled.

Clearly, the standing MP, Jim Shannon, must be confident of being returned yet again for another five-year, fixed-term contract.

Unlike his counterparts in GB, where prospective parliamentary candidates do have to demonstrate some actual deliverables, candidates here do not.

Presumably, this is all down to the odd population demographics here, which create mostly safe seats and habitual tribal voting.

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Thus, the electorate, in its wisdom, ends up giving the standing MP yet another five years without he, or she, having delivered anything at all.

So, it's trebles all round at the House of Commons bar on Friday, June 9.


Strangford, Co Down