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Electorate denied a true democracy

Last week the people of Northern Ireland had their eyes opened (gay marriage vote). We witnessed first-hand how undemocratic our country has become. In a true democracy the people express what they want and the politicians legislate for it. Instead, what we had were politicians being "whipped" to follow the party line - regardless of whether an issue had been in the manifesto voted for by the electorate.

Worse still, some politicians voted with their "conscience", with no thought of what the constituents want.

We need to have more referenda to reflect what the people want. Yet even this most basic of democratic options is being denied to us by a group who should be renamed the Theocratic Unionist Party.

Party politics is the antithesis of a true democracy, because usually the party comes before the people.

I hope the electorate bear that in mind and consider voting for an independent candidate who will put them first.



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