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Electorate needs truth not more SF excuses


On the Nolan Show on May 29, 2017, Sinn Fein MLA John O'Dowd yet again made his party appear bullish, undemocratic and farcical in terms of reiterating the party stance of refusing to go into government with Arlene Foster as First Minister while the investigation into the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme is ongoing.

He alleges it would not be "stable government" - something which Sinn Fein know all about, given the number of crises it caused over the years, bringing Stormont to the brink.

It is now clear that they do not want Stormont to work and never did. Hopefully, Westminster will provide us with much-needed stability in the not-too-distant future if their reckless and silly charade continues.

Gerry Adams, on the one hand, said he has "no reason to doubt" that Mrs Foster may be innocent in relation to accusations against her, but has the audacity to dictate who unionists will choose as First Minister on the other.

Further, for 10 months, with the full knowledge of Martin McGuinness and his colleagues, Mrs Foster provided "stable government" with no complaints, until Adams and his cabal decided otherwise. Indeed, Martin McGuinness praised Mrs Foster in November 2016.

Time for truth and not excuses from Sinn Fein.


Dromore, Co Down

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