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Electricity price-hike for NI consumers

A real shame, what with the health services going to pot, loss of jobs, repossession of houses. What the hell next?


I'm sure it's no coincidence that there was a recent report that NIE had a huge hole in its pension pot. Guess who's now going to top up NIE's pensions?


I feel like giving up sometimes. I'm in the process of changing insurance and cutting Sky to save, and now electricity is going up. Maybe we should just live in a tent.


'Our prices have been frozen since 2009 and that followed a cut in prices by more than 15%.' Awww, how sad. BBC Watchdog 2009: 'Following record increases early in 2009, energy prices were lowered in Northern Ireland. Watchdog explored why energy prices there were up to 40% more expensive than in the rest of the UK.' Ah, I take back my 'awww'.


Once again our lethargic politicians inflame public opinion by awarding salary awards to their 'advisers' at a level which is extortionist. We, the voting public, are faced with rises in essential services way above the inflation rate. It's a simple equation. If inflation is 4.4%, any public pay award should be 4.4%. And any public services' costs must also be within this same rate. Increases widely outside this must be moderated downwards to within 4.4%.


For many people, electricity has now become a luxury. A number of people I know have been unable to put any oil in their tanks for the last couple of years and have no heating in their homes. We will probably be reading stories soon about elderly people freezing to death. One I know goes to the library for hours during the winter just to keep warm.


I wonder how much this (unnecessary) re-branding campaign is costing NIE? We watch as they spend thousands on ad campaigns promoting PowerNI, yet in a couple of months we will all be faced with an increase in our bills. Who gives a hoot about a new name?

Moaning Minny


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