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Elitism is at the heart of the Catholic Church

Your columnist Sharon Owen demonstrates the typical ignorance of the complexities of their religion shown by the majority of religious people (February 24).

She writes specifically about Catholicism. Presumably, like most Catholics, she was initiated into the faith when her comprehension was at the level of complaining about a wet nappy and was thereafter subjected to intensive, insular conditioning.

So the poor lady thought that her church was historically opposed to Royalty, elitism, the class system and power and privilege?

Rather than opposing the class system, does not the church proclaim the class system to be 'natural'?

It is easy to understand why a massive corporation trading in religion, with its privileged CEO and board of management should espouse such views and why it is historically hostile to Catholic workers organising with non-Catholic workers to resist the incursions of capital.

More pertinent, it explains the criminal action of the entire corporation to cover-up widespread, nauseous sexual practices.



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