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Embarrassed to have swallowed lies of Sinn Fein

As a lifetime resident of Crossmaglen, I will not be voting Sinn Fein in the upcoming Westminster election, or ever again.

When I voted Yes for the Good Friday Agreement, I voted for a democracy with true peace. This is not what we have today.

To my eternal dismay and embarrassment, I admit I swallowed Sinn Fein's lies and deception.

Anybody that does not bang the Sinn Fein drum is branded a dissident. Many individuals now see the situation for what it is: the fear of losing control and power.

It is time to leave fear and the dark days behind us for good.

I want representation and a voice at Westminster.

On May 7, I will vote for the SDLP's Justin McNulty; for honesty, for decency and hope for us all, but especially for our children and the generations to come.


Crossmaglen, Co Armagh

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