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Empey antics have handed vote to DUP's Spratt

I must say, reading the letter sent in by 'Unionist Voter' (Write Back, April 28) gave me quite the laugh.

Does this person actually live in South Belfast?

Having been on the ground with the only unionist who can feasibly win, Jimmy Spratt, I have not yet met one person who hasn't blamed Sir Reg Empey for his poor leadership over securing an agreed candidate. I have met people who have voted Ulster Unionist before, but who have now changed their mind.

Instead, they will now be voting for Jimmy when it comes to May 6.

They believe that, due to the failures of Sir Reg Empey, that we, as unionists must unite to insure that a unionist is elected.

People are asking: who is Paula Bradshaw? They are also saying: 'She's never been at my door!'

The only unionist on the ground that people see is Jimmy Spratt.

Jimmy is clearly the only unionist who can win South Belfast.

That much is obvious given that he came within 1,200 votes of Alasdair McDonnell in 2005 (majority now calculated at 188 according to the Times election website).

Therefore, Jimmy is in prime position to take this seat, and people only see Paula Bradshaw as the person seeking to give the seat of South Belfast back to Alasdair McDonnell.

The simple fact is that Paula Bradshaw is seeking to split the unionist vote - not unite it.




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