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Empey must seek reform of Executive

Emblazoned across the DUP website is the strapline 'Strong leadership in challenging times'. And yet the reality of the current DUP position is 'Cowardice in the face of difficult decisions'.

Apparently Peter Robinson can't/won't deliver the promised devolution of policing and justice unless the Ulster Unionist Party rides to his rescue.

The famous 'Hillsborough Snowmen', including, it would appear, DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds, don't support devolution of policing and justice, but will thole it if the UUP plays the big sister and gives them cover. Where's the leadership in that?

The question is: what should the UUP do?

Sir Reg Empey has clearly identified the real issue at the centre of this debacle - the Robinson Executive simply doesn't work.

Now the UUP must deliver on their principle, no amount of threats, no amount of internationally orchestrated guilt-trips or Prime Minister-led "the peace process is in danger" nonsense should shake the Ulster Unionists's resolve.

Either the Executive reforms and delivers, or nothing extra should be devolved to Stormont.


Portadown, Co Armagh


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