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Empey's stand against bullies shows integrity

The Belfast Telegraph carried a comment piece (March 9) claiming the UUP didn't play its hand well over the devolution of policing and justice. I believe my party leader and colleagues did a fantastic job of standing up to Irish America, the Secretary of State and all the other parties in the Assembly who tried to pressurise and bully them.

Unlike the self-styled 'Opposition' in the Alliance Party, who sold their principles down the river in the hope of getting the policing and justice ministry, the UUP wanted the Assembly to prove itself capable of handling the issues it already has before adding another to the melting pot. When Sinn Fein's Martin McGuiness kicks us out of his office for not doing what he wants, and when the DUP back-flips on its own position of 'Not in a political lifetime' - at least the UUP still counts for something.



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