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Employers need to rethink how they interview

My son, who is a scientist with experience gained in industry in Germany and research within several centres of excellence, including Oxford, recently returned to Northern Ireland and for the last 18 months or so has been actively seeking employment.

He has completed well over 1,000 job applications, resulting in 20 interviews, but none so far has led to a single offer of employment.

The interviews were all of the so-called "comptence-based" variety, lasting well under an hour. These are all rather one-way conversations with no time to ask questions.

In my day, one had to have at least two interviews, lasting at least an hour each, in order to gain a good appraisal of a candidate's background, skills and experience.

Fortunately, my son, with fluent German, has now received an excellent offer with Siemens in Erlangen and will be taking up his new job shortly.

Perhaps employers in Northern Ireland need to completely rethink and revise their approach to recruiting and selecting staff.

They seem to be consistently missing out on the best candidates using psychometric testing and competence-based interviewing.



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