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End Phoenix monopoly

I support Donald Gregory (Write Back, October 27) in his comments about the methods used by Phoenix Gas to bill their customers.

However, I feel the problem is even greater.

I pay by direct debit. If I compare the opening cash balance on my gas account with the closing cash balance for the previous account, in the last seven bills, covering as many years, they only agree once, yes, once. These balances should have agreed on every occasion.

The bills I am quoting from are consecutive because the equivalent annual gas meter readings show the agreement that I expect.

Over the years I have contacted Phoenix by telephone and letter.

Recently, I have also involved the Consumer Council. Unfortunately, when I received my last gas account in September of this year, I found that nothing had changed.

A closing balance owed to Phoenix of £50.01 in September 2007, became a credit opening balance of £521.99 in my September 2008 account.

What Phoenix should do is take a look at how NIE bills their customers which demonstrates full transparency and to introduce a similar system for their customers.

If they do not do this they have no right to continue to have a monopoly in Northern Ireland.

Terence Eagleson


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