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End Stormont farce and sort out real issues

TONIGHT (Sunday, August 25, 2013), I watched a recorded farce of First/Deputy First Ministers Questions from Stormont on June 10. And the farce goes on.

Normally during Prime Ministers questions in Westminster, it is standing room only.

Stormont? Well almost empty. About 30 MLAs present asking the usual idiotic questions to show how good old Peter is.

More trips to China (Ah! jollies for the boys). Then Johnathan Bell gets up and says that anyone born in 1922 can contact their website re abuse in respect of the Magdalene Homes. Everybody of that age uses the internet every day, don't they?

What a joke. And we pay these people.

When is the British Government and the local electorate going to waken up and realise that Stormont is only a money box. Get rid of these people and put the money into hospitals, housing, education and law and order.

Tell them (MLAs) no more pay rises, and no gold-plated pensions. There would be a change of heart.

Austin Hetherington


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