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End to confusion over 11-plus

Your conclusion that the 30 schools which propose to use a common entrance assessment have added to the confusion surrounding the transfer of pupils from primary to post primary education is ill-founded (Belfast Telegraph, June 18).

On the contrary, their announcement that they will do so, and their dissemination to primary schools of information as to the specification of the test, how it will be conducted, and the types of questions included in it, have introduced a welcome element of certainty for children who contemplate admission to those schools.

Parents of such children now know that admission to those schools will depend primarily on the performance of their children in the Common Entrance Assessment and that their children will have to participate in that assessment.

They can now prepare accordingly.

The use of academic aptitude as a criterion of admission remains lawful.

That there is confusion results from the failure of Education Minister Caitriona Ruane to acknowledge explicitly that this is so, and her refusal to facilitate those schools which wish to continue to select on the basis of academic ability by establishing a means of measuring that ability to take the place of the 11-plus.

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