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Endless growth unsafe in an era of automation

This year has been an utter failure. We have let another 12 months slip by without mention or consideration of the impact of the greatest economic transformation we have ever experienced. Instead of discussing it, our politicians, economists, and media have ignored it.

Overproduction and oversupply are destroying markets, and more than half the work, until recently dependent on human labour, is being taken over by automation.

In matters of economic planning, we hear nothing talked of but sustaining growth and increasing employment.

But in a global situation of gross overproduction, sustaining growth is utterly absurd while unprecedented automation and robotics cut the need for human input at an alarming and accelerating rate.

Brexit and Donald Trump's election are results of economic collapse and uncertainty.

Both unexpected political protests are, in relative terms, relatively inconsequential consequences of an enormous leap forward in economic activity.

If we persist with the denial of that leap forward, we risk rapid progress towards extreme politics.

Technology will not be stopped. It will accelerate and make the situation more intense.


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