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Envoy role for Ruane back in Columbia

For many Belfast Telegraph readers the name of Ingrid Betancourt won't mean much, but she was a socialist candidate in the Columbian Presidential elections when she was kidnapped by Farc guerrillas.

She has been held in a jungle hell hole for almost six years now, along with almost 100 other kidnapped victims, including three Americans - Keith Stanwell, Marc Gonzales and Thomas Howes.

Perhaps those who now hold Government office in our country could send some of their ambassadors out there - not on forged passports, of course - to gain the release of this political prisoner and others.

Even Catriona Ruane who, if I recall correctly, played a significant part in trying to gain the freedom from lawful justice of the so-called Columbia Three, could help.

Others could be encouraged to touch up the odd slogan still visible around the place with Free the Columbia 100.

Free Ingrid Betancourt

Action Now Ballyclare

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