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Equality is all we ask for in gay community

So another correspondent jumps on the inequality bandwagon. Stella Wilson (Write Back, February 2) asks what is the difference between marriage and civil partnership.

The answer is glaringly obvious, except to those who will not see: equality or inequality.

Why can't Stella Wilson live and let live? Live her life as she sees fit and allow the rest of us to live ours by our lights?

Does she really think she is better than me, just because I am a gay man? Has she some sort of divine right to deny me equality?

Her letter makes wild, totally unfounded claims about some mysterious secret "gay lobby agenda" and about "undermining marriage".

As president of the Northern Ireland Gay Rights Association, I have spent more than 20 years attending conferences worldwide, meeting LGBT people from every country and from every part of this country. During all those years, I have yet to come across the slightest sign of Stella Wilson's secret "gay lobby agenda".

All that we LGBT folk seek is equality - a demand that more and more people everywhere recognise as just and proper.

As for Stella Wilson's hackneyed claim that we "undermine marriage", that is now, frankly, a sad joke.



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