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Equality needs to encompass a Christian view

FIONOLA Meredith was right (DebateNI, July 4) when she wrote of "intolerant secularism". Ashers Bakery is a prime example.

The cake in question was not even for a same-sex "marriage", but for an LGBT promotion. Other bakeries were willing to provide it, so why did the Equality Commission have to come in so heavy-handedly – and without prior consultation with the bakery – to threaten legal action?

Surely equality must include Christian principles, not just LGBT ones? After all, this country is supposed to believe in freedom of speech and conscience.

This is a prime example of the underhand, intimidatory tactics used by this small minority to push their will on everyone else.

The hate mail received on social media by the couple is appalling.

It also shows the futility of a body such as the Equality Commission when faced with two opposite and irreconcilable views.

Common sense would have dictated going to another bakery, but that would not have suited the LGBT activists, nor the taxpayer-funded pen-pushers. What a pity.


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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