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EU benefits are not all they seem

I was astonished to read the letter from Collette Fitzgerald, head of the EU Commission Office, expounding the benefits of EU directives to the economy (Write Back, November 17).

According to the independent think tank, Open Europe, the 100 most burdensome EU-derived regulations cost the UK economy around £33.3bn annually.

This is based on an analysis of UK Government Impact Assessments (IAs), and is more than the £27bn the UK Treasury expected to raise in revenue from council tax in 2014/15.

According to the IAs, these regulations also provide a total benefit of £58.6bn a year.

However, £46bn of this benefit stems from just three items, which are vastly overstated. In fact, Open Europe estimates that up to 95% of the benefits envisaged have failed to materialise.


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