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EU sending out mixed messages on possible Brexit

The EU appears to be saying it wants us to stay, yet seems to be fuelling the Leave vote. There definitely seems to be mixed messages coming from Brussels about Brexit. And one does have to ask: what do they really mean?

On the one hand, they are talking about the British exit destabilising the rest of the EU and how they should punish us for leaving. Yet, on the other, they threaten us with congestion charges in every town.

Now, while there is no indication that this is aimed at the British motorist, surely the threat of such congestion charges must make motorists think when it comes to the referendum?

The German ministers are threatening Britain with trade sanctions if we leave.

Well, in my book, that is the sort of threat that will get the British back up.

When David Cameron started talking about reducing the numbers of immigrants from Eastern Europe, he was given a strong "Nien". The Schengen Agreement? Now it's on the verge of collapse - Germany is reinforcing its borders.

Sir John Major warned that the EU was on the verge of forcing Britain out. So which is it?


Ukip, North Down

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