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EU vote could be widened to 32 counties

THE appointment of Mark Harney as the next governor of the Bank of England must create a very interesting time ahead – particularly for the Irish Republic.

Mr Harney is a Eurosceptic. He is also of Irish heritage.

Sooner or later, Britain's EU membership will be tested, with the possibility that the British people will decide whether to remain in it. Hence, it is feasible to assume Britain will quit Europe. If that happens, it is also feasible to assume that others will follow.

Now, should this happen, one has to ask: where will that leave the Republic? Surely, the obvious answer to this dilemma would be to have a referendum for the people of the 32 counties to decide if they wish to become part of the British Isles political system.

Perhaps if people were given a choice between being part of the EU or Britain, the result will surprise as well as disappoint them.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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