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EU was not a worthy winner

I agree that the European Union has a right to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize but we have to look at the EU in its entirety to determine whether it is a true worthy recipient.

There are pros and cons in this respect .

The EU did not stop wars in other countries happening when, with enough political force, it could have done so as the leading economic block in the world.

Indeed, it stood back with only rhetoric being heard when the Iraq and Afghan wars were intimated (prior to military offensives commencing) and where hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died since.

Is non-action a part cause and the reason why these deaths happened it has to be asked? That is debatable.

For an institution like the EU to be awarded the peace prize it has to show first, global leadership in this respect.

Indeed, all I have seen over the years in the EU is political intervention backed up by military action and not basically for humanitarian intervention per se, but more to do with economic vested-interests.

Dr David Hill

Chief executive

World Innovation Foundation

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