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Eulogising Castro ignores the facts

The only good revolution is from a closed society to an open one. Fidel Castro turned Cuba into a closed society with compulsory conformity.

Castro used murder and violence to inflict dogmatic Marxism on Cuba, bringing poverty to the country and nearly nuclear devastation to the world.

Karl Popper, the father of the Open Society, said that the Marxists bring about equality by reducing all to an equality of destitution. Men are not equal, but they form a normal distribution of IQ and talent and earning power reflects that. Prosperity comes from each one reaching their potential.

Individuals push out the frontiers of knowledge and use that knowledge to innovate new products and methods. A creative society will transform itself from a potato chip economy to a computer chip economy.

Prosperity is a by-product of human development in an open, creative, scientific society. People are employed not for what they know, but for what they discover and patent. Praise for Castro means people do not value human rights and honour a regime where humans have the same quality of life as ants in an ant colony.

Cuba only existed while it was supported by the Soviet economy. The Enlightenment had a motto: "When critical reasoning is asleep, in morons and monsters creep".


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