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Europe at last showing sense on fish discards

As a long-time campaigner against the wasteful discarding of fish, I was delighted to hear that the European Commission is bringing forward proposals to end this practice in reforms to the Common Fisheries Policy to be introduced in 2013.

Programmes such as the Big Fish Fight on Channel 4 brought to a wider audience the disgraceful practice of fish discards and I am glad the momentum provided by this has been carried forward into action by the commission.

I want to see decisions regarding fish stocks made locally rather than in Brussels. I also want to see an end to fish 'discards' - when caught fish are returned to the sea due to over-quota, even though they are perfectly edible.

We need a fair system which will replace the manipulative quota system. And we need fair opportunities for all fishermen.

The work on refining the proposals to reflect local circumstances must now begin.


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