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Europe faces a tough time after terrorist attacks

People are still reeling from the terrorist attacks on Paris, and life in Europe may not be the same again as the level of security will undoubtedly be higher and people's sense of safety will feel compromised, especially in the capital cities of the world.

It could be that Europe, so used to peace for so long since the Second World War, has been lulled into a false sense of security.

One country that understands the full threat of Islamic terror, where I worked for 10 years, is Israel, as they are fully surrounded by Islamic states, most of whom have issued threats bent on their annihilation as a democratic state.

I witnessed suicide bombs at close range and could fully understand the security measures taken in those times to protect innocent citizens from impossible-to-predict attacks, although the world seemed to expect Israel to remain with its hands tied.

Now the spectre of terror appears to be on our own doorsteps and the talk from France seems to be of high security and even war. Why is Israel criticised for doing the same? As Mr Netanyahu, Israel's PM, put it: "We live in a tough neighbourhood."

Europe may not live in a tough neighbourhood, but with the latest migrant crisis, mostly from Islamic countries, we may find that that neighbourhood is slowly but surely moving here.

Colin Nevin

By email

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