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Europe must restore borders for own sake

The sobering reality of the Paris, Nice and Berlin terrorist attacks can no longer be swept under the carpet by the wishful thinking and politically correct platitudes of EU leaders.

Europe's open borders may have made for a smoother interlocking of its cogs of commerce, but they have unwittingly provided (much like the internet) a seamless, clandestine conveyor for the contagion of Islamism.

Attempting to safeguard a multinational continent like Europe from insurgent Islamist terrorism is like trying to navigate a merchant ship through uncharted, treacherous seas: without secure borders, it is as vulnerable as is a vessel without isolating bulkheads.

Therefore, before firing up its boilers and charting a course to a secure and prosperous future, the good ship Europe must now accept the increased rigidity of having to reinstate its national bulkheads.


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