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Europe’s new laws on immigration have swung open the door to trouble

The trouble over Romanian immigrants brings into sharp focus the European Union’s dangerous laws concerning ‘Open Doors’ within Europe: laws nationalist and unionist politicians acquiesce to.

Not all countries and peoples sit easily with mass immigration and whether we like it or not, a small place like Northern Ireland, with a conservative and close-knit population, finds it difficult to cope with a large influx of people.

As I read it, the only immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria allowed into the United Kingdom are those with a special permit to do so.

So the question is, how did these particular Romanians gain access into the country?

Perhaps if the immigration authorities had done their job properly then these unfortunate people would not have had been put in a place to be subjected to the dastardly attacks perpetrated upon them.

No doubt, woolly-minded liberals will be apportioning blame to all and and sundry.

They should reflect that by their anything-goes attitude to immigration they have made the situation worse.

Will they waken up when the 100 becomes 1,000, then 10,000, with the resulting financial pressure put upon education, housing, health, social services and law and order?

No to Open Doors


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