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Every child carried in womb has right to life

Unsurprisingly, Fionola Meredith (Comment, September 16) takes advantage of Dr Gannon's resignation to attack the law on abortion in Northern Ireland, which she describes as brutal. Further, she holds that the moral high ground is waiting to be occupied by pro-abortionists.

Essentially, this means that a mother can abort a child for whatever reason without a pang of guilt. It also means that a child in the womb has no intrinsic right to life. Ms Meredith believes that this is not morally degenerate.

Francis Crick (co-discoverer of DNA) was at least consistent when he expressed the view no newborn infant should be declared human until deemed genetically fit, otherwise it forfeits its right to life.

In Genesis 9 verse 6, murder is described as destroying the image of God in mankind. To abort (attack and kill) a child in the womb does just that.

In pregnancy, two human lives are entwined and both are in the image of God. Sadly, when a mother's life is at risk, a child's life must be sacrificed to save her. Nevertheless, a human life has been lost.

In the moral depravity of Nazi Germany, it was believed to be a moral necessity to attack and kill Jews and the more ruthless those responsible, the more they were commended.

In Britain, moral degeneracy has resulted in the slaughter of eight million babies. Moreover, the disabled are exterminated up to full term for the "crime" of having their condition.

Having a prominent public platform and, therefore, likely to be an opinion-former, Ms Meredith bears a heavy responsibility for influencing the impressionable to accept the brutality of the British Holocaust.

Her stance should be repented of.


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