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Evidence of Alliance Party's 'nationalism' ignored


I would like the opportunity to reply to the letter from Belfast Alliance councillor Kate Nicholl (Write Back, September 7) about whether or not Alliance is now a nationalist party.

In her reply to my letter, she ignores the evidence I cite and makes vague generalisations about Alliance not supporting "binary oppositions". In particular, I raised four issues. I will phrase these as questions and ask her to respond to each.

Is it not true that Anna Lo, a senior representative of the party for many years, has openly and vigorously espoused the cause of a united Ireland?

Was the party not instrumental in removing the Union flag from City Hall?

Is the party not now joining with Sinn Fein and the SDLP to support a standalone Irish Language Act?

Is it not true the party has totally ignored Ulster-Scots language and culture?

In all of the above, her party has adopted an anti-unionist binary position in favour of Irish nationalism. I fear that Ms Nicholl is in denial about the truth that Alliance is now, indeed, a nationalist party.

David Collins


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