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Evolution for slow learners

I would like to suggest that recent arguments from readers should not be about creationism versus evolution.

There is much evidence that humankind was created and then evolved, and that we are in a constant state of evolution.

The Biblical Adam and Eve story is most likely an allegory about the progress from innocence to knowledge. Not only is there an afterlife, there is a before life. Life is a continuum. We are spirits dipping in and out of incarnation as part of the evolutionary process.

Readers should read books by regressionists such as Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Diane Cannon and others to see the fascinating stories of not only past lives, but lives-between-lives. Plus the books on near-death-experiences by Raymond Moody and others. The evidence for life before and after death is too great to be ignored.

If, after reading the enormous volume of evidence, you still cling to what you believe, then no harm is done.

Reality will dawn on all of us eventually, whether in this world or the next. There is no hurry. Evolution is a very slow process.

P McC, Newtownards

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