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Evolution is simply a fact

I feel compelled to write in regarding the letter titled ‘Evolution is not law' from Jim Murdock (Write Back, August 16).

I still find it hard to believe that people will dismiss a topic which they clearly know nothing about, in this case the theory of evolution. First of all, Mr Murdock does not understand what the word ‘theory' means in scientific terms. In everyday language a theory can be defined as something similar to a guess.

However, in scientific terms it means a model or framework for describing a natural or social phenomenon, well substantiated and supported by evidence. The theory of evolution has been supported by evidence for over 150 years, and during this time it has not failed any critical tests. It is a fact.

He then states that evolution is ‘becoming increasingly unacceptable to the scientific community'. He has either been misinformed or he is lying as evolution is one of the most scientifically supported theories; it is often said that nothing in biology makes sense without evolution.

Lastly, he states that ‘no evolutionary scientist can adequately explain where that first cell came from'. Evolution is a theory of how life changes over time, it is not concerned with where or how life started — that is called abiogenesis.

I suggest that Mr Murdock does some research into science and evolution before he discards it so readily as he only succeeds in showing his ignorance. Perhaps he is happy closing his mind and answering ‘God did it' to anything he doesn't understand.


Co Antrim

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