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Executive disaster

People who put faith in our ministers with their votes, and who pay for them through their taxes, are rightly angry that the Executive is fiddling while the economy burns.

This is the Executive which claimed to be making the economy its ‘number one priority’ — yet faced with the greatest economic challenge of our generation, ministers cannot even agree an agenda for a meeting!

The current economic difficulties call for clear leadership. This is not about matching one concession to unionists with one concession to nationalists. It is about ensuring that hard-working people get the support they deserve from their government to get them through these hard times.

That cannot happen if the Executive refuses even to meet.

This leadership is also required from within. We need more efficient government.

This leadership must also think long term.

We need sustainable proposals for encouraging integration of education, health and leisure facilities; sustainable economics which promote wealth creation, not wild boom-and-bust speculation, and sustainable planning policies which protect our countryside while promoting the best of modern architecture.

That cannot happen if the Executive refuses even to meet.

This Executive has chickened out when it has come to the crunch. No vision on education, no vision on the economy, no vision on the environment.

The Executive's claims to be prioritising the economy have been proved, in time of greatest need, totally shallow.

The politics of sectarian stand-off have been shown, once and for all, to have failed.

Next time, the people will give someone else a go — someone who might take seriously the responsibility to lead our society to a genuinely shared and better future.

Cllr Ian James Parsley

Alliance Economy Spokesman

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