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Executive on wrong road for improving transport

The Alternative A5 Alliance (AA5A) is concerned at the recently announced proposed rises in fares on Northern Ireland's public transport (News, April 19).

AA5A feels that the Executive should act according to its stated policy of 'promoting public transport'. At the very least, the fare rise should be stopped.

Instead, the Executive should be looking at ways of encouraging more people to use buses and trains. Keeping fares as low as possible must be an important way of achieving this.

On the other hand, the Executive is proposing to spend £330m on building a dual-carriageway on part of the proposed A5 route.

This dual-carriageway will have a negative impact on the environment and is not economically viable, because of the low levels of traffic on the existing road.

In all, 83% of the Department of Regional Development's capital investment goes to roads; only 17% is spent on public transport.

The proposed A5 dual-carriageway is intended to improve communication between the north of the island of Ireland and Dublin.

The number of daily buses, however, from Derry/Londonderry to Dublin has been halved over the past two years.


Alternative A5 Alliance

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