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Ex-soldier's disgust at tatty flags blight

My wife and I have just returned from our first visit to Northern Ireland.

We enjoyed the north west and sightseeing generally around the Giant's Causeway and the lakes in Fermanagh.

However, the one thing we really were appalled at seeing was when we visited towns like Antrim, Lisburn and Belfast.

Everywhere we looked there were flags of different shapes and sizes in various states of decay flying on lampposts, traffic lights and roundabouts.

They look really bad, a disgraceful sight to have a flag in that state.

I was a Company Sergeant Major in the Welsh Guards for 29 years and, really, those flags break all the rules.

They would not be allowed here in Cardiff for a second.

It's a disgrace that the flags are allowed to hang like that in their various states of decay.

Do you not have any proper flagpoles in Northern Ireland at all?

They should all come down at sunset.



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