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Facebook map admission bad move for UUP

Ucunf has recently unveiled Paula Bradshaw as their candidate in south Belfast. On a recent visit to her election campaign Facebook page, I discovered Ms Bradshaw commenting on a recent leaflet drop in Sandy Row.

She said: "All of Sandy Row and mid-Donegall Road leafleted - especially with the six of us, plus maps and electoral registration addresses."

Do the people of south Belfast really want a person who needs maps to find her way around Sandy Row as their MP? I doubt it very much.

With their embracing of the Tory party, who if they form a government plan to gut the Northern Ireland block grant and with it investment in roads, schools and housing, we know that the UUP has turned their back on the people of south Belfast.

Never in a million years, however, did I think they would select someone so far removed from the people that she would need a map to find her way around the area she aspires to represent.

The UUP needs to get together with other unionists and find a way that the seat can be returned to unionist hands.



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