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Facts speak for themselves on 'triple-jobbing'

I WOULD like to take the opportunity to respond to recent public comments made by Lord Morrow on the issue of his 'triple-jobbing practices'.

Several weeks ago, I asked a number of questions of Lord Morrow in respect of these practices and his future intentions post-May 5. I asked these questions in an open, transparent and respectful manner, but he categorically refused to answer.

However, the facts speak for themselves: Lord Morrow approaches the issue of multi- jobbing very differently than his party colleagues.

Lord Brown, for instance, who was a former DUP MLA in East Belfast, has not sought re-election to the Assembly because he believes he needs to focus his attentions on the House of Lords.

Lord Morrow has referred to what the DUP has done to end multiple mandates - well, it seems that he is not following suit.

Lord Morrow has tried to denigrate my party on the issue of multiple mandates yet is unable to cite a single elected individual in my party who holds more than one elected, political mandate.

To challenge in a public manner the position of one's electoral rivals, or opponents, is the building-block on which our political system is built. Voters go to the polls on Thursday knowing that Lord Morrow intends (if elected) to continue to hold down three political positions. The public must judge whether or not they believe that he can provide the focused representation that they need. For my part, I can - and I will.

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