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Facts that challenge the Bible

Alf McCreary informs us that ‘scientists are investigating the possibility of life after death’ (Belfast Telegraph, December 27).

He says: “Why can’t they all just read the Bible and leave it at that?”

Not everyone can bury their reason and critical intelligence and blindly believe in the Bible.|After all, the Bible is a pre-scientific book, written by, and for, pre-scientific people. It is a book exemplifying what was believed then, not what must be believed today.

Examples of Biblical ignorance abound throughout the text, such as the sun revolves around the earth (Joshua 10: 12-14) and that the Earth is flat (Isa 14: 12; Matt 4: 8, Rev 7:1 etc).

It has certainly not given us a miraculous insight into modern astronomy, as Christian fundamentalists would have us believe.

This notion of a flat, circular Earth also appears in ancient Babylonian, Egyptian and

Greek iconography and literature. In fact, so clear are the Biblical verses concerning the Earth’s shape that it was accepted by the early fathers of the Christian Church.

It’s our modern scientific knowledge of the universe that has forced Christian fundamentalists to alter and thus make the Biblical text conform. Indeed this process of twisting and distorting scripture has not stopped.

Since the Bible is so frequently wrong on subjects we know something about, why should we trust it to be right on spiritual subjects and on whether we exist after our death?

William Burns


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