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Faith schools a barrier to social cohesion

As one of the many thousands of non-religious people in this province, I can't resist a comment on the issue of faith schools and integrated education.

I am a happy atheist, but my opinion on religion is not the point. This is about freedom of choice; for children to be allowed time to develop their minds.

If parents want to introduce their children to a specific religion, let that be a private matter and keep it at home, or in a place of worship.

A huge part of the problem is that this is a generation thing, passing along the brainwashing.

No wonder the Catholic school heads are getting their knickers in a twist over Peter Robinson's recent remarks.

The core of their concern isn't about funding, it's about losing control. What frightens the Catholic Hierarchy is the draining away of power. Take this away and you start to knock down the pillars of an institution that is a master of mind-control on a global scale.

Faith schools are exclusive, divisive and a barrier to social cohesion. Let's have an education system that gives young people the opportunity to develop clear of religious influence.




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