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Fakery at root of consent principle

Viewpoint (November 20) concluded with the words: "And, most of all, will Gerry Adams reflect that the principle of consent which is enshrined in legislation - stating that Northern Ireland will remain part of the UK until a majority of its citizens say otherwise - now makes a united Ireland a more distant prospect than ever it was, in no small measure because of the republican mayhem which he never disavowed."

The principle of consent is a fake: people cannot 'consent' to a fait accompli. They have no free choice.

More importantly, Irish people in Northern Ireland have an inalienable right to national freedom. The right to freedom is a separate issue from a united Ireland which, according to Viewpoint, may never happen, not least because unionists will never consent to it, as it would mean the loss of their freedom as British people.

Malachy Scott


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