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Family values best left to family

Audrey Simpson, of the Family Planning Association, is anxious to introduce sex and relationship education to four-year-olds.

Ms Simpson tells us it is important to give this information early so that these children will grow up to make informed decisions about their sex lives and avoid the pitfalls of adolescence.

It would not be unreasonable, therefore, to expect that by now the desired goals would be met. It must rankle with the sex education movement that abortion among the young is at an all-time high, teen pregnancies continue to rise and the incidence of STD has reached alarming proportions.

To suggest that gaining access to four-year-olds will rescue the colossal failure of the movement is a lunacy too far. Perhaps the FPA fears that, if left alone, families will deal with these matters as they arise and impart something of the values of the family.



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