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Fans score own goal ignoring Irish League

In response to Henry McDonald's article about Northern Ireland-based English Premiership supporters (Comment, August 22), I would only ask: why don't these fans support our local game?

As Henry says, the cost and logistics of attending English (and Scottish) matches can be preventative and certainly reduces the frequency of trips.

The Irish League needs bums on seats. The quality of the game and the atmosphere can be great.

Okay, it's not Chelsea v Manchester United, but then you're only paying a fraction of the cost.

There seems to be a snobbery with some who have never even been to an Irish League game - drop the preconceptions and see for yourself.

I would implore football fans who don't go to local matches to give it a go.

With greater attendance comes greater revenue, which means improved facilities and players. Support your local game.




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