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Farage is the voice of the man on the street

In attacking Nigel Farage, your correspondent, Observer (Write Back, December 27), seems to have gathered an incoherent collection of Press and internet snippets without linking these to an argument.

"His (Farage's) is the accepted face of xenophobia" is a typical comment without Observer giving any reason why this should be so.

As for suggesting censoring media coverage of particular individuals, your correspondent would have felt at home in the Germany of the 1930s and would do well to reflect on the lessons from that time.

Nigel Farage, far from indulging in nihilism, recognises the dilemma in which our hard-working people find themselves, where their genuine concerns about loss of sovereignty and the evils of uncontrolled immigration are treated with disdain in the Westminster bubble.

Instead of seeking to look after the people's interests, our political class belittled concerns with accusations of racism and xenophobia.

Nigel Farage was always to the fore of the movement that forced a reluctant government to hold a referendum that has started the ball of freedom rolling, taking our nation out of an undemocratic empire.


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