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Farage's divisive and xenophobic rhetoric is a threat to the nation that must now be silenced

letter of the day: controversial politician

Following on from his latest comments, I think it is about time that the media treated Nigel Farage with the respect he deserve (Saturday Review, December 24). This man is a menace. There is nothing amusing about him.

I think it is time to make clear that this individual is a threat to our country and what binds us together.

I don't know what is worse - the nihilists using Islam as a means to an end in order to wage war and gain power, or our own home-grown nihilists like Farage and Katie Hopkins. People like Farage should be on the fringes of society and not play a part in mainstream culture.

Does Nick Griffin, or those two berks from Britain First, get away with their comments? Do they make regular appearances in the media? The continued presence of Farage in the media encourages bigotry and hatred. His is the accepted face of xenophobia.

I am no fan of Margaret Thatcher, but the approach her government took to extremism - allowing them no voice - should be used.

If Nigel Farage is not treated with the disdain he deserves, it is apparent more tragedy shall occur and innocent people in our country will suffer as a result of divisiveness.

Let's reflect on the past and learn lessons from the 20th century - before it is too late.


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