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Farcical to call Israel a 'liberal democracy'

ANDREW Shaw (Belfast Telegraph, July 29) exhibits considerable concern, based on a disputed translation of the Hamas charter, that the organisation might employ its crude fireworks to "obliterate Israel", the world's third greatest military power.

Israel's obliteration of Palestine, on the other hand, is a reality, and calling it a "liberal democracy", as Mr Shaw and others have done, has unfortunately brought the concept into severe disrepute across the Middle East.

What other liberal democracy expels its own citizens beyond its borders based on their ethnicity in order to deprive them of a vote? Similarly, Mr Shaw's conflation of "anti-Zionists" with "anti-Semites" – as much a wonder in morals as it is in logic – runs a clear risk of rendering the second term essentially meaningless.

Given the growing number of Jews who are themselves critical of Israel's excesses, Mr Shaw may find himself looking very silly.


Dr Gavin Falconer


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